What happens if we have a question or there is a problem / error with the App?

Simply contact enquiries@walshs.com.au and one of our team will be able to assist.

Is the receipt and mileage data in my app backed up?

The data is stored on an online centralised platform and this data is backed up by the developers.

Photos, receipts, mileage etc. are all stored locally on a users’ device and are not backed up.

It is advisable for mileage, income and receipt data to be periodically exported by the user as a back-up should something happen to their device (e.g. loss or breakage etc.).

Is my data secure in the App?

Yes, your data (accessed via document portals, cloud accounting, case management, wrap platforms etc.) is just as secure as if you were logging in from your computer. All the same protocols exist; so there is, in fact, no increased security concern from someone logging in via your App.

Receipt data and mileage information that is logged within the App can only be accessed by you as the user (neither Walshs nor the developers can access it, even if you wanted us to) and is only seen by parties you choose to export and email the data to.

It is advisable, however, for mileage, and receipt data to be periodically exported as a back-up should something happen to your device (e.g. loss or breakage etc.).

How secure is the App and supporting systems?

The App uses industry standard encryption on communication where required and your data is backed up and stored securely. The developers operate within the UK and their primary data centres are Europe based.

Any sensitive client data is held directly in the client portal and/or accounting program (e.g. QBO) and neither Walshs nor the developers can access that at all. The App is built on a platform which is globally compliant and approved by many professional bodies, and also by Apple and Android themselves.

It also uses Amazon Web Services which is a leading infrastructure globally and is trusted by many of the world’s biggest brands and institutions.

Why am I prompted with a message to give access to my contacts and photos within the App?

Typically, a well-designed App will ask for permission before it does something that will require the permission. For example, the App might only request access to your photo library when you try to attach a photo, or your contacts when dialing a number from your contact icon within the App. This gives you an idea of why exactly an App will need that permission for and is common across most Apps you will find in the App stores for both Android and Apple.

Permissions can be removed in your settings if you disagree but the permission will enhance the user experience of your App by being able to interact with functions such as the Mileage Tracker and Receipt Manager.

The App has access but doesn’t edit or alter any information in those phone storage facilities listed, they’re just needed to use the tools; for example, ‘Location’ is needed for GPS Mileage Tracker to track journeys correctly. Removing permissions would risk losing App features.

In comparison, the Walshs App requires the very minimum permissions compared to other Apps; social media Apps for example do require a lot of permissions and you will find most Smartphone Device holders will have one or more installed on their phone.

GPS Battery Life

By making use of background tracking, your battery life may be effected. This is a consequence of aiming to achieve high accuracy in your tracked journeys.

The decision was made to increase the intensity of tracking to increase reliability and consistency, where a reduced intensity can result in the loss of important journey points including the shortening of corners and more in real life driving scenarios.

GPS Info, Tips & Tricks

If your GPS results appear to be inaccurate or you are not able to get GPS signal please follow these instructions:

  • Turn phone off/on
  • Turn GPS off/on
  • (Android) Be sure MyFirmsApp is allowed to use your location. Settings > Apps > MyFirmsApp > Permissions > Toggle Location ON
  • Disable any battery saver settings.* Including Power Saving Mode, Battery Management or any third party apps. Please see below for more information on your specific device
  • Check that your location settings are set to High accuracy. Settings > Location > Set to High Accuracy
  • Perform an “AGPS reset”: Install the App GPS Status & Toolbox, then in that app, go to Menu > Tools > Manage A-GPS State > Reset
  • Select “Location services” and ensure the “Use GPS satellites” and “Use wireless networks” check boxes are checked (“Use wireless networks” will help reduce the time it takes for your device to obtain a GPS fix).

*Adjusting battery saver settings on different devices

  • iPhone: Access your settings > battery > check Low Power Mode off
  • HTC: Access your phone settings > battery > power saving mode > battery optimization > select MyFirmsApp > don’t optimize > save
  • Samsung: Access Battery settings > App Power Saving > Details > MyFirmsApp > Disabled
  • Huawei: Turn Energy Settings to Normal and add MyFirmsApp to “Protected Apps”

Additionally from the “Settings” app, select the “Date and time” item and ensure the “Automatic date and time” and “Automatic time zone” check boxes are checked. GPS and our app rely heavily on an accurate time and time zone. Having your device set to the incorrect time zone or time may prolong the time taken to obtain a GPS fix, and may result in other inaccuracies in your recorded journeys.

If you are still having GPS issues after the steps above, try these additional steps that are known to resolve almost all issues.

  • Restart your phone. Usually holding down the power button and selecting “Restart” will do this. Make sure that you open the app with a direct line to the sky.
  • Remove and reinstall our app from the “Play Store” or “Apple Store”. It is possible the app did not download to the phone correctly, try deleting/reinstalling the app. Please make sure any journeys you would like to keep have been exported, as your activity history will be cleared from the device.
  • Turn off airplane mode before starting your journey.
  • Before you start tracking your next journey, be sure to wait a few minutes for the GPS to sync back up to your current location.

Note: It needs to be said that due to the different built-in GPS modules in each phone we can’t guarantee exact tracking results. When starting please try to avoid the following areas:

  • High Buildings
  • Deep forests
  • Areas where it’s very cloudy
  • Huge amounts of water like lakes, sea etc.

If you end up in these areas above this can affect your GPS signal during your activity.

Be aware that just because the some maps app like Google Maps may show your location on the map, this does not mean that the device’s GPS is functioning properly or that a GPS fix has been obtained. The data used to show your location on the map may be based on cellular network or wi-fi signals.

Why is My App Running Slowly?

The App is designed to run very quickly. When it first loads it will draw in a splash page and then after a few seconds the App home page (the one with the icons) will load in. If your App is running slowly there are a number of reasons this might be.

Images loaded into the App – from time to time clients have loaded in huge images into their App. This has resulted in the App trying to download all this data prior to working and functioning properly. We are current working on a fix to stop this being possible, but it’s worth checking to see if you have done this.

Internet speed can also be a factor, especially if there has been a significant update to the App and you are downloading it on a very slow internet connection.

Device type can affect the App speed. It’s designed to operate using the latest operating systems. So if you are using an old device type on an older operating system this may not be supported and could impact speed. Furthermore even a new device running an older operating system may require you to update your version of the operating system.


Does it work on Windows and BlackBerry?

Occasionally we are asked why the App is not set up to work on Windows or Blackberry devices. The simple fact is that Apple and Android between them have +90% of the user base. On that basis, the cost of development for Windows/Blackberry would be prohibitively high. Although Windows initially made increases in market share, it has now fallen sharply and is still far behind the dominance of iOS and Android.

Is my App compatible with all devices?

No, the App is not compatible with all devices. As with all new programmes it has been developed to work with the latest versions of Android and Apple devices including iPads using the operating systems Ice Cream Sandwich and iOS 4 and above. You may need to update your device to the latest operating system for the App to function on your device.

Do I require Internet for the App to work?

The App will function once downloaded without an internet connection. However it will require the internet to update itself.

It doesn’t load on my Android device?

A number of Android devices, notably Samsung, are not always fully updated with Android software – although they may say they are. You can normally update to the latest version by using the ‘settings’ function on your device and following the appropriate steps.

All Apps are developed for the latest versions of iOS and/or Android at any given point, and so at times it is necessary to prompt your device to update.

Is the App monolingual?

The App currently supports English only for the main user interface. The content you enter can be any language you prefer, however this would then result in an app with English and ‘your choice of language’ which may not provide the best user experience.

What permissions are the App end user asked for and why?

There are 3 end user requests within a standard platinum App; the way these requests are made is common in all Apps with this type of functionality.

The messages are requested and written by Apple and Android and cannot be amended for security reasons.

  1. Initial download – XXX would like to send you notifications OK or Don’t Allow.

Why do we ask this?

It’s compulsory by Apple and Android when wanting to send users a push message.

What does it do?

We ask this so that you can effectively opt in or opt out of push notifications we may wish to send you.

  1. Mileage Tracker – Allow XXX to access your location – Allow or Don’t Allow.

Why do we ask this?

It’s compulsory by Apple and Android when wanting to track mileage.

What does it do?

Once allowed the GPS technology tracks the journey for the purpose of tracking and managing mileage.

  1. Receipt Manager and Income Tracker – ‘Allow XXX to access the camera’

Why do we ask this?

It’s compulsory by Apple and Android when wanting to use the device camera.

What does it do?

Once allowed it enables the end user to photograph receipts, expenses and or income using the device.

What happens if we have a question or there is a problem / error with the App?

Simply contact enquiries@walshs.com.au and one of our team will be able to assist.