Salary Packaging

At Walshs we not only setup your account, but manage it on an ongoing basis with our in-house dedicated team. This is where most young doctors get caught out, as some financial planners and accountants do not have the resources or specialist skills to ensure that everything is going well throughout the FBT year, and most interns who try to manage it themselves struggle to find the time and patience to deal with packaging providers and the paperwork required. To read more on the basics of salary packaging, click here.

Spring Tax Update


Tax experience and knowledge varies dramatically within the medical sector. However, one thing in common is the lack of spare time to dedicate to an activities such as tax compliance. We are here to take on this administratively onerous task on your behalf and maximise the value of any return. The fact that we are so specialised within the medical sector, provides us the experience required to ensure your tax affairs are completed diligently and accurately whilst maximising allowable deductions.

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Our advisers sit down with you and produce projected cashflows in different scenarios to analyse the possibilities for investments and wealth creation in a simple to understand format. This enables you to see where you could be putting your assets to work, and the effect the different options may have. An example of this is one of the best habits and investments over the short term – reducing debt costs where possible (click here for more information). When it comes time to think about your first house purchase or next property upgrade, this budgeting – in conjunction with our other services like free property reports – becomes extremely useful in determining what you can afford and to give you an idea of where to look.