Walshs Wealth Health

As a doctor, you’re trained to look after our physical health from the moment we’re born right through to a ripe, old age. 

As financial advisors at Walshs, we’re trained to look after your financial health from the time you’re a final year student, through your internship, as a registrar, fellow, consultant and into private practice.

We know the journey because we have helped more doctors progress financially as their career takes off than any other practice in Queensland.

We’ve developed the Walshs Wealth Health Package as our partnership with you… for life.

Walshs Wealth Health

Why do we include financial planning in our Wealth Health Package? 

Hear from our planners why financial planning is important for your wealth health.

Walshs’ Managing Director, Simon Farmer 

Simon is Walshs’s adviser to senior doctors and specialists. Simon explains why annual reviews of your portfolio are important.

Matt Gellweiler, Walshs’ Financial Planner 

Matt explains why financial planning can help you be the very best doctor you can be, even from the earliest stage of your career.

Peter Hodgson, Walshs’ Financial Planner 

Peter explains why your planning meeting is so important for his clients, junior doctors and doctors in training.

Walshs Wealth Health

Walsh's have been my financial planners and accountant's since the end of medical school in 2015. Over the last couple of years, my financial planner Matt has guided me through budgeting, life and income protection insurance, leasing a vehicle, purchasing my first home and setting up a business. I did not think I would be where I am today both professionally and financially so soon after med school. I owe much of my financial position to Matt and the team at Walsh's who have helped me make the most of my income and investments along the way.

Geraldo Guimaraes

I had a meeting with Peter Hodgson and was delightfully surprised at how thorough he was. He takes the time to listen, to discuss current circumstances and future plans, giving advice on how best to move forward with my portfolio and superannuation, as well as adequacy of level of insurance coverage. And they help with your salary sacrifice as well. Very happy with their service.


Peter Hodgson has always been professional and approachable in all his investment and financial advice. The entire Walshs team provide a comprehensive service that ensures my financial security without the hassle of navigating the investment market myself.


For the last 10 years that I have been at Walshs, Simon and his team have been instrumental in building my investment portfolio. They are very knowledgeable in all financial matters and have always provided expert advice. Their professional input in my finance management have helped me to build my portfolio using a creative combination of strategies. Of importance to me is that, from the start, Simon ensured that he was clear on my financial goals and tailored my short, medium and long-term plans accordingly. He has regularly adjusted my plans, as my priorities have changed over the years. I like that he does all the ground work and comes to meetings with options and simplifies them so that I can understand and make informed decisions. I would recommend them to anyone, regardless of their financial literacy.


I have been with Walsh’s for over 5 years now. Simon and Stewart have supported and helped me navigate the world of finance with great skill and dedication. I can not recommend them highly enough!