New Walshs App

New Walshs App

Our new, streamlined app includes popular key functions as well as links to our new online calculators.

Features to help you manage your finances anywhere, any time include:

  • Calculators for loan repayments, budget planners, savings, tax, stamp duty, and more
  • Receipt manager to track your receipts
  • Digital vehicle logbook
  • Links to a currency converter

Our new app can be your “accountant in your pocket” with:

  • Reminders from us about upcoming deadlines
  • Notifications about changes to regulations that could affect you
  • Quick links to:
    • the Walshs Client Portal
    • contact us or book an appointment
    • the Walshs blog for general advice and updates

Photos, receipts, and mileage information is only stored locally on your device. We advise mileage and receipt data are periodically exported as a back-up. in case of loss or breakage of your device.

How to find the FREE Walshs app 

You can download the Walshs app completely free of charge using the links below.

The good news is accessing the new Walshs app is much easier than doing your tax return.

Here’s our quick guide…  you don’t have to be a client to use our free app.  You won’t be able to access the Client Portal unless you are a client but everything else in the app can be used by anyone.

Walshs App
Walshs App

Step One 

Search in the app store (or google play) for the MyAdvisor App (or use the links below) and download it.

The app will look like this…

Walshs App

Step Two

Then you’ll need to enter your email address and our Unique Access Code to access the Walshs app – WALSHS2018

This unique code will link your email address to the Walshs app and allow you access.

Walshs App

Step Three

Then there are a few simple details to enter – see below.

And once you accept the T&C’s, verify that you are over 18 years of age, and click “I understand” that you can update your details at any time you are good to go.

Walshs App

Here are those links to the free Walshs app again

Walshs App
Walshs App
Walshs App

Need help with your app?

We have a FAQ page to support the Walshs app. Please visit this page for initial support.

FAQ Page for Walshs app

Still need support?

Simply contact and one of our team will be able to assist.


If you allow notifications when you download the Walshs app, we can remind you about important deadlines and help you protect and grow your wealth with regular updates.

Say yes!

Get the Walshs app 

Walshs App
Walshs App